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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Ready

2010 is two days away and for the first time I have a real New Years Resolution: get this blog up and running! I think the first subject to tackle: budgeting. I know all the stuff I'm supposed to do but I've never been able to sustain record keeping. For one thing, it takes a long time and  I get stuck on things like: how do I separate out my grocery store trip between food and household items? Then I just get mad and decide "I'm not going to buy anything ever again!" That never works either.  I'm looking around the internet for some different, creative and realistic ideas that Joe and I could both do easily. I came across this idea where you spend 60% of your gross for living and "commited" expenses, 10% "irregular" expenses, 10% savings, 10% on retirement, and 10% "fun" money. It's an interesting idea and I think I'll try in out next month.
I've also been researching schools for the last two years. Why? Well, I live in Los Angeles, home of one of the most confusing public school systems in the county. Sandra Sing Loh has written some very funny and very true stories about what I'm going through. There are some interesting theories out there about how children learn. Most of it I don't understand but the part I like is when schools use more than just talking to get kids to learn. It compliments blogging nicely because instead of just reading while researching I can make movies, snap photos and cut together podcasts. I'd like this blog to have all that stuff, I think I'll learn more (well, we'll see)


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  2. OMG... This is perfect! I totally suck at budgeting and I'm about to move in with the budgeting guru of all time (Kevin - my boyfried, my guy, my significant other, my *ACK!* whatEVER [sigh]). Anyway, just this past weekend he was explaining to me about the "10%-20% within financial goals" concept. Heh?

    It turns out that one can actually go over (or under - HA!) your financial goals for the month and still be within "budget". He says that's what SAVINGS are for... Not retirement funds, but that extra money you have for a rainy day/cool vacation/new car. (If one comes in UNDER, you just put the extra INTO that liquid savings account).

    See, I always thought I was supposed to make a budget that had to be followed to the penny; dire consequences would follow if I DARED overshoot even a bit. This guaranteed I feel guilt & shame nearly every time I tried to follow a budget.

    Conversely, Kevin considers it a game to try and make the savings get nice and big w/out undercutting his planned-for standard of living.

    At least I THINK that's what he was saying. - - He uses a lot of 4-syllable financial words like quantitative & hedge ratio. :-b