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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Longest Journey Starts with a Single Step

This blog exists because I'm interested in how computers are changing the way I think. I have been working on computers for quite some time. I made a living knowing a specific computer program inside out, Avid Media Composer. It's used for editing movies and tv shows and is based on what an editing room used to look like. I have worked with many experienced editors and it didn't really change the way they cut or the way they thought about what to cut. It did, however, change the way everything around editing is done.
I asked two people this question last week: How do you pay your bills? My mom collects the mail, opens it once a week, writes the due date on the envelope and balances her checkbook once a month. My friend goes to her bank website every moring to see what needs to be paid, what's cleared and if anything looks funny. They seem to each spend the same amount of time but there is something fundimentally different when you sit down for 20 minutes to complete a task versus checking in and overseeing a task.
I learn by doing. I had a lot of fun learning the avid and right now this shift interests me. This blog is all about the journey. I don't even know where I'm heading.

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  1. I like how you point out that technology doesn't change creativity, only how creativity is managed.
    Using your avid organizational skills to anylize our lifestyle is smart. A lot of people have put time into how to live cheaply. You are interested in plumming their knowledge, plus you intuit that there may be ways just now emerging with the explosion of farmers markets, and boutigue shops in unlikely locations. We need to go to the market down town and stuff like that! record our trips... have fun.